Ivan Black is a British artist specializing in kinetic objects. As co-founder of the young studio INK, he brings design, art and technology together in interactive light installations. Exclusively for the MB&F M.A.D.Gallery with headquarter in Geneva a limited edition of the sculpture »Nebula Hive« of 18 pieces was created.

In its clear geometric structure, »Nebula Hive« strongly resembles the molecular structure of DNA, the carrier of genetic information. From biology lessons we know it as a construct based on an exact, mathematical code. Ivan Black has transferred this spiral-like, chain-shaped construction plan to a fascinating structure of light that finds its full expressive power in movement.


Ivan Black’s works are represented in public and private collections and have been exhibited worldwide in galleries and sculpture gardens.

The development of »Nebula Hive« is the result of intensive research into both mechanical and lighting technology implementation. Each work of art contains more than 2000 custom-made components, partly made by Ivan Black himself and by a team of British craftsmen. The components are made of solid, hand-polished and nickel-plated brass. Each individual LED is embedded in a clear acrylic ball. This is the basis for a kinetic sculpture that allows magical traces of light to appear in space, which change with every rotation of the object and constantly take on different forms in harmonious transitions.

From the centre, an integrated motor initiates a dynamic that is transferred to the cantilevering metal arms. These end in small points of light that follow soft curves in the rotation or blend optically into lines. But even at rest, »Nebula Hive« does not lose any of its appeal. The video on the website of M.A.D.Gallery gives an insight into the limited work of art.

Photos: MB&F M.A.D.Gallery

Published in LICHT 3/18.

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