The Italian lighting manufacturer NEMO presented its new products at Euroluce as part of the 56th Milan Furniture Fair. LICHT editor Andrea Mende met company boss Federico Palazzari for a personal interview.

LICHT: You offer new designs in the »Contemporary Collection« and at the same time works by renowned design icons in the »Masters Collection«. What is the idea behind it?

Federico Palazzari: A good product is a good product, regardless of when it was created. We don’t like the term »homage« very much. In 2016, for example, we introduced two outdoor lamps, the »Borne Béton« for the »Masters Collection« designed by Le Corbusier in 1952 and the »Mais plus que cela je ne peux pas« lamp by Rudy Ricciotti for the »Contemporary Collection«. Both are very expressive products in their own right.

LICHT: »Borne Béton« is available as an indoor and outdoor version, the body is made of concrete and works with LED technology. You worked closely with the Fondation Le Corbusier in France to produce the luminaire. What distinguishes this light? 

Federico Palazzari: Our task is to track down good design to revive it. The »Borne Béton« impresses with its material and shape. This makes it a timeless classic.

LICHT: At this year’s Euroluce you will also be showing new designs, such as »Titia« by Arihiro Miyake or »Orbit« by Jean-Marie Massaud (picture left). The filigree use of LED light sources is particularly striking in both luminaires.

Federico Palazzari: Of course we work with the latest technology, but LED must not become an obsession either. Our roots are Mediterranean, what we need is a warm, cosy light, a book and a glass of wine. Living spaces are not offices, the human aspect must play a greater role.

LICHT: What do you see as your main task as the leading head of NEMO?

Federico Palazzari: Our mission is to set trends. This is a risky business and we are a small but very dynamic company. I believe in short terms and the energy of the moment.

LICHT: Mr. Palazzari, thank you very much for the interview.

LED luminaire „»Ellisse« in the version as floor lamp with marble base. Design: Federico Palazzari

Pendant lamp „»Titia« shows a grid structure with integrated LED light points. Design: Arihiro Miyake

French architect Rudy Ricciotti designed the »Mais plus que cela je ne peux pas« luminaire for indoor and outdoor use.

NEMO was founded in Milan in 1993 by Franco Cassina, owner of the furniture manufacturer of the same name, and Carlo Forcolini. In 2005, the Poltrona Frau Group took over both companies, followed a year later by the integration of NEMO as a lighting specialist under the roof of Cassina. The label is known for its contemporary and classic collections, including designs by Le Corbusier and Charlotte Perriand. As the owner of Omikron Design srl, Federico Palazzari became the Managing Director of NEMO at the end of 2012, in a joint venture with the partner companies Cassina and Poltrona Frau Group. The luminaire manufacturer is located in the premium segment and works together with international designers and architects.

Le Corbusier designed »Borne Béton« in 1952 for the Unité d’Habitation de Marseille and for Bhakra Dam in Sukhna Dam, India. NEMO has been producing the lamp since 2016 based on original designs.


Photos: Peggy Kirchenkamp (portrait and photos booth), NEMO (product photos)

Published in LICHT 4/17

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